A literary analysis of the novel the english patient by michael ondaajte

And so it is throughout the book.

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Everything is turned up to The main characters here each seem, on the surface, to be unattached loners. Caravaggio wasn't in the story.

All in all, however, Ondaatje notes that he doesn't believe in closure to his novels. Kip wasn't in the story. Watch carefully where the commas fall so you can discover the natural pauses. This is a book to be savoured, re-read and remembered.

The novel won Ondaatje the prestigious Booker McConnell Prize inmaking him the only Sri Lankan writer ever to receive the honor. Born in Sri Lanka in but moving to England in and finally settling in Canada inOndaatje turned to American jazz as the inspiration for his first novel Coming Through Slaughter, which was based on the life of New Orleans cornetist Buddy Bolden.

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The theme of revision comes up again and again in Ondaatje's interviews about his work, especially in regards to The English Patient.

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