A synopsis of woodstock 1969

Unpersuaded by this Studio-in-the-Woods proposal, Roberts and Rosenman counter-proposed a concert featuring the kind of artists known to frequent the Woodstock area such as Bob Dylan and The Band.

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Perhaps it was just the communal discomfort, that whiff of danger, that they needed to feel united and at peace. Fans got a taste of a variety of music styles which came together in perfect harmony.

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The early arrivals had walked right through the huge gaps in the fence where the gates had yet to be placed. Yet concertgoers braved the elements for three days and caused no violence. Surpassing everyone's expectations, the crowd that flocked to dairy farmer Max Yasgur's land was so massive that it became the third-largest city in the state of New York for that weekend. Image Sept. Photo credit: Jim Shelley Listening to people tell their experiences at Woodstock, one common thread is that everyone remembers very little about the food except for two things: The food ran out fast and everyone shared what they had. The first day began on Friday, August 15 around 5 p. The only light on the stage was from spotlights. All around you, a massive crowd the size of which you can't even fathom sways, sings and mills about on acres of farmland. The Plan for the Woodstock Festival Kornfeld and Lang's original proposal was to build a recording studio and a retreat for rock musicians in Upstate New York in the town of Woodstock, where Bob Dylan and other musicians already lived.

Photo credit: AP With the well-known association between hippies and granola, this scene may sound like a fictionalized story made up to fit a stereotype -- to feed a mythical connection rooted less in reality than in the romantic vision of an era.

A monumental cleanup session awaited — one which took days, cost tens of thousands of dollars, and required bulldozers to complete.

A synopsis of woodstock 1969

Continue Reading. The highways and streets leading into town were so jam-packed that traffic essentially came to a halt. The times were different; one massive festival could become the focal point of an entire generation. Luckily, in mid-July, before too many people began demanding refunds for their pre-purchased tickets, Max Yasgur offered up his acre dairy farm in Bethel, New York as a festival site. The local community heard about the food shortages, and instead of resenting the hoard of people invading their small town, they came to the rescue. The editorial section called the three-day event "an outrageous episode," and asked, "What kind of culture it is that can produce so colossal a mess? The music at Woodstock in embodied extraordinary popular acts from all over the world. Woodstock in was also among the last performances of Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin who are seen as some of the best in their respective fields. Jefferson Airplane performs 'White Rabbit' on the second day of the Woodstock music festival. The organization overcame many barriers and many fateful occurrences lined up its fruition. They were all standing behind us in a circle, like, 'OK, you're the new kids on the block.

All in all, those who performed at Woodstock in successfully enshrined themselves in music history. Some people simply left their cars on the road and headed to camp on foot, while others partied in, on, or around their vehicles.

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Between the sheer size of the farmland and the crowd, the rain, the mud, the drugs and, of course, the music, concert-goers got swept up in the moment. The town of Bethel did not enforce its codes, fearing chaos as the crowd flowed to the site.

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A third said he was prepared to hide his in his underwear and demand that the officers produce a warrant made out in his name.

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