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Persuasive essays for high school students - Quality and affordable paper to simplify your life Learn all you have always wanted to know about. Think of that great pile of applications.

Believe it or not, if your application doesn't accurately reflect you as an individual, you can jeopardize your future at the school.

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Read your essay backwards. Go out on a limb and take a stab at the question that helps you paint a unique and compelling self-portrait. We have tons—tons— here , including lots of real-world examples! Be honest and say the hardest things you can. This is also time for self-reflection. Do you mention at least two or three of the qualities that they emphasize about themselves? These prompts all ask the applicant to relate his or her life in school to life outside of school.

The rules for writing a good essay are no different. Advice, editing, and proofreading are all fine, but if someone else is crafting your sentences and thoughts for you, you're misleading the admission committee.

While the list of prompts is long, most fall under a few broader categories, which I have listed below with some prompts I have seen over the past few years. Is this essay prompt asking you to inform? Warnings Never include anything in your essay about being better than other people around you, unless it's a statement of fact such as "I received the MVP Award for being the best player on the football team.

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Tips for Writing an Effective Application Essay