An analysis of one flew over the cuckoos nest a novel by ken kasey

As a result off his rambunctious behavior, the inevitable battle between McMurphy and Nurse Ratched begins.

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By concealing her womanly nature, she has been able to have power over the inmates. McMurphy's rebellion inspires him to stand up to Nurse Ratched. They deemed the book "pornographic" and said that it "glorifies criminal activity, has a tendency to corrupt juveniles, and contains descriptions of bestiality, bizarre violence, and torture, dismemberment, death, and human elimination". With a great deal of difficulty, Randle gets the majority of patients to vote with him to have the television set turned on during the baseball championships. Billy Bibbit is a nervous fellow with a stutter who commits suicide at the end of the novel. She will not hesitate to restrict her patients' access to medication, amenities, and basic human necessities if it suits her manipulative whims. First of all, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart: a book that is banned from libraries has a place on my bookshelf.

Martini: Exists in a world of delusions; his visions are more real to him than reality The Lifeguard: A former football player who has been committed to the hospital. In some parts I could imagine that he did some things. The book is separated in four parts and in the last part that counts 50 pages happens a lot.

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McMurphy swaggers into the ward and introduces himself as a gambling man with a zest for women and cards. He refuses, however, in order to honor a commitment he made to Billy Bibbit. Dale Harding: The unofficial leader of the patients before McMurphy arrives, he is an intelligent, good-looking man who's ashamed of his repressed homosexuality.

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I de Profane, hilarious, disturbing, heartbreaking, shocking — powerful. But it's the truth even if it didn't happen. It is his lenses that the story is seen through. With Bromden, Martini, and Scanlon the only patients who attended the boat trip left on the ward, McMurphy is brought back in. On the Disturbed Ward Randle undergoes a lobotomy, an operation in which some brain cells are removed, and returns unrecognisable. In my opinion the whole story was starting to be interesting after pages or even more. This novel was written during a time where mental patients were greatly abused: from the treatment of the staff to their actual prescribed treatments. She is kind and openly opposes Nurse Ratched's methods. Bromden, having recovered the immense strength that he had believed lost during his time in the mental ward, escapes from the hospital by breaking through a window. McMurphy persuades one of the women to seduce Billy Bibbit, a timid, boyish patient with a terrible stutter and little experience with women, so he can lose his virginity. So in the beginning you really had to pay attention when you were reading. Doctor Spivey: A morphine addict, chosen by the Big Nurse to work on her ward because of his weakness and vulnerability. Initially, McMurphy is a very selfish man whose only desire is to cause problems for authority figures, Nurse Ratched in particular, and to make life for himself as easy as possible. However, Ratched has lost her tyrannical power over the ward. McMurphy eventually learns that involuntarily committed patients are stuck in the hospital until the staff decides they are cured.

Doctor Spivey: A morphine addict, chosen by the Big Nurse to work on her ward because of his weakness and vulnerability.

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