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A research overview of the rodent studieswith links to the peer-review summary, is available on NTP website.

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The International Agency for Research on Cancer IARCwhich is part of the World Health Organization WHObrought together scientists, including those with financial ties to cell phone companies, to review all relevant data on radiation from wireless handheld devices such as cell phones.

The dose of the absorbed energy is estimated using a measure called the specific absorption rate SARwhich is expressed in watts per kilogram of body weight.

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Multiple doctors have been caught in the operating room texting people while on the job. If you are paying the bill, then you can also have access to the mobile phone records, which will help you track how often your teen calls and sends messages and to what numbers. The Working Group indicated that, although the human studies were susceptible to bias , the findings could not be dismissed as reflecting bias alone, and that a causal interpretation could not be excluded. Meanwhile, cell phone companies continue to insist that the evidence shows that their cell phones are safe. People who engage in a higher amount of media multitasking actually had smaller grey matter density in the anterior cingulate cortex portion of their brain, which is linked to decreased cognitive control and socio-emotional regulation. Should we be concerned? The extensive use of cell phones is a relatively recent phenomenon, and since cancers usually take at least years to develop, it will be years before research is likely to conclude whether cell phones cause cancer or not. Furthermore, the use of hands-free technology, such as wired and wireless headsets, is increasing and may reduce exposure by distancing the phone from the body 39 , People who used smaller devices in the study continued to wait in their seat for a researcher to come back to them, rather than go to the front desk and get them as instructed. The greasy, oily residue you may see on your cellphone after a day's use can contain more disease-prone germs than those found on a toilet seat.

So you need to teach your teens about mobile phone safety and to use it responsibly. More information about ionizing radiation can be found on the Radiation page.

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Effect of cell phone usage on semen analysis in men attending infertility clinic: an observational study. Occupational and Environmental Medicine 64 9 The CERENAT study, another case—control study conducted in multiple areas in France from to using data collected in face-to-face interviews using standardized questionnaires This large project was conducted in highly specialized labs that specified and controlled sources of radiation and measured their effects.

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20 Ways Your Cell Phone Harms Your Health