Beverage business plan

These two partners intend to run the business without much interference from investors and so have decided to limit the sourcing off their start-up capital to these sources. Tell them your plans to venture into the business, and ask them questions about the business.

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We want to be firmly known and established in Pittsburgh — California before venturing out to other states in the United States of America. Your business plan will guide you through the process of starting and running your business, keeping you from going off-track as you try to grow your business.

Search the web for latest news in the beverage industry in your country to get some insight into how the market is faring. Positioning the product in the minds of the target customer segments is the prime objective of the promotion strategy.

Also, we intend to always ensure that we not only meet the expectations of our customers but that we exceed them as well. Point of sales promotions are used in retail outlets, super market chains and grocery stores at the place where the customer picks up the product for purchase.

Companies today can use digital media extensively to reach to their target customers and communicate their value proposition through the use of digital media.

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Some of the publicity and advertising strategies we intend to carry out at Zuzu Lite Energy Drinks LLC include; Sponsoring parties, events, clubs, and games in the local community Advertise our energy drinks in newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations Give sampling to our distributors and retailers when they buy into our drinks Make use of the social media platform — such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn — to promote our energy drink production business Distribute our unique handbills and fliers in target locations Ensure that our delivery truck is emblazoned with our design and unique logo Install bill boards in strategic areas in Pittsburgh — California Our Pricing Strategy The pricing of a product depends on so many factors, and is not much different from an energy drink. However the prices of the product are influenced by a lot of other variables like geographic competition, cost to serve and mix of transaction. The customer markets can be segmented on the basis of age infants, teenagers, young adults, adults and elderly people. If you have enough experience in beverage production probably after spending years working with a beverage production company and can afford the huge startup costs, then you should consider starting your own beverage company. The sales projections for Zuzu Lite Energy Drinks were however made on the assumptions that several factors for our company would remain the same for the period of analysis. The role of supply chain management and distribution efficiencies is also critical as that will help us create competitive advantage by being leaner and more efficient. The price will take care of the production cost and the overheads and provide for the targeted margins. The print media campaign will focus on newspapers and magazines that have a large readership among the target population of the 13 P a g e new product Nutri. The number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages available in commercial cooler sections has grown tremendously over the years. The product aims at providing an easy solution to its target customers for their nutritional needs and a solution that can easily be absorbed within the present lifestyle of the target customers. You will also need to find suppliers of empty containers, fuel, and other products you will need for packaging your beverages. The augmented product in the health drinks market will provide all the necessary nutrition for the day and comes in a lot of choices in terms of the flavors and taste.

Discounts on purchase of larger packs as well as future purchases can also result in improving market penetration. The frequency of advertising in print media can be twice a week, specially on the weekends as that are usually read by the target customers.

Beverage business plan

The strategy of lowering our prices a bit below what is averagely sold in the market for at least 6 to 12 months is so as to be able to attract more customers into buying our unique energy drinks and referring us to others as well. Find out about the startup costs, the required equipment, and challenges associated with the business. Taylor Wang. With time, you can expand your product line and ultimately grow your business. Health permits are also required for starting a beverage company. The success of the product will depend immensely on the ability of the marketers in promoting the product as a regular health drink, that is easily accessible and that provides for all the daily required nutritional value. The indirect channel has been chosen for distribution of the product as the product is intended to be a mass product and a fast moving consumer good FMCG. Thus the distribution pricing policy will remain a little flexible to accommodate other factors that may influence the distribution cost of the product. The place strategy focuses on the distribution strategy for Nutri including details of the channels and policies to be used. You will need to hire machinery operators, packaging supervisors, an accountant, and so on, depending on your needs and on the size of your beverage company. Hydration drinks include anti oxidants and fruit extracts that are believed to provide hydration to the inner and outer layers of the skin. The product which is a health and wellness drink will target customers who are health conscious and understand that their demanding work schedules as well as their lifestyle are leading to them to not taking adequate nourishment and healthy food.

Perceptual Map Perceptual maps are used to graphically represent the positioning of the product vis--vis their substitutes and competitors.

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