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There are 4 clock faces on all the four sides of Elizabeth Tower. There are a several London bus routes that go past the tower, and Westminster Tube station is directly across the road, serviced by the Jubilee, District and Circle lines.

Alternatively, watch this behind-the-scenes video of Big Ben in action.

Big ben essay

There are also four Quarter bells in the clock tower weighing between 4 tons and 1 ton. Westminster pier is next to the tower and is served by a number of river bus travel options.

The spire that rises above the belfry is built with an iron frame, and it is this frame which supports the weight of the bells.

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The clock tower of the Palace of Westminster took 13 years to build, and was completed in The minute hand is 4. So heavy was Big Ben that the process took over 36 hours to complete.

However, it can only be visited by those who fit a certain strict criteria: Visitor must be a UK resident. Edward John Dent was hired to design the clock.

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Although the name. Explore by category. There are limestone steps which climb to the top of the Elizabeth Tower. The original Big Ben bell weighed 16 tons. A special light above the clock faces is illuminated when parliament is in session. Charles Barry was given the contract to rebuild the Palace, and his designs included a clock tower. However, it was simply turned and continues to work, crack and all, to this day. It is feet 96 meters high. Engineers wind these cables thrice a week. The sound of Big Ben striking the hour was first heard in July Technically, Big Ben is the name given to the massive bell inside the clock tower, which weighs more than 13 tons 13, kg. The Houses of Parliament's iconic clock tower is one of London's most famous landmarks. Although a clock tower was originally built at the Palace of Westminster in , the current tower had to be rebuilt after most of this structure was destroyed in a fire in It is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. The other four bells in the tower are smaller and play a short melody every 15 minutes.
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Big Ben at the Houses of Parliament, London