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There are different ideas about on what a BM actually is. Because our research theoretically addresses business modelling for developing a network-level BM for sustainability and finding solutions to the practical issue of low profitability at a biogas-producing farm cooperative, the action research approach is also suitable for our study.

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According to Shani and Pasmoreaction research is a research method that focuses on conducting the research process with those whose life and actions are studied.

Rohrbeck et al. Networks are thus commonly used to seek potential partners for collaborative BM development intended to achieve individual and joint goals Lindgren et al.

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Biogas is a fuel used for cooking. Biogas production in huge containers Bio-CNG This is a very expensive and a bit experimental business project. We audio-recorded the workshops, took more notes, and collected other materials primarily the FBCs.

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The digesters will be offset by 13 days, so there is a continual supply of biogas. To capitalize on these benefits, a change in perspective is needed—from value creation at the single-firm level to value co-creation at the network level. According to Demil and Lecocq , action research is a rare and promising approach for informing researchers and managers about the difficulties of implementing changes in the existing and prospective BMs as well as limiting the biases of retrospective studies. There are two business opportunities here. In summary, addressing the current financial difficulties for the Swedish farm-based biogas industry through simultaneous creation of environmental and social value requires systematic collaboration in an extended network of farmers and their stakeholders. We also participated in the workshops attended by Sigma participants board members and other individuals and by external participants university students, researchers, and consultants. Digested waste from the biogas production process has a high nutrient content. The setting of the study is a Swedish, farm-based biogas cooperative that has encountered difficulties in its early development stage. In the first five years of operation we will be able to afford to create several more digesters. Finally, after three months the sale of biogas and biofertilizer will begin. Nowadays, you can get ready-made biogas installation units manufactured from different companies which can directly be installed in homes. We took notes on our observations at the board meeting.
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Biogas Unit Installation Business; Business Plan And Opportunities