Bioterrorism various biological agents

Japan reportedly attacked at least 11 Chinese cities with biological agents during World War II, contaminating air, water, and food with Bacillus anthracis, Vibrio cholerae, Shigella spp.

The success of the NAS program will depend on the adequacy of funding and on its ability to integrate the conversion programs sponsored by various US government agencies see Table 5.

recent bioterrorism attacks 2017

Ben Ouagrham, S. Second, in other, more drastic threats, the so-called animal rule may be invoked—if research toward a vaccine or treatment would necessitate exposing humans to a toxic threat, then animal studies, rather than previously conducted studies in humans, may be sufficient for approval.

Public health authorities have developed a system to prioritize biological agents according to their risk to national security.

President Clinton told the New York Times in an interview immediately after his January State of the Union Address that he has trouble sleeping because of the threat posed by biological weapons and that he fears that a bioterrorist attack will occur. Tunisian forces used plague-tainted clothing as a weapon in the siege of La Calle.

The CWC requires declarations based on classes of chemicals that pose varying degrees of threats and various levels of inspections to ascertain compliance.

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