Cattle tick essay

Before entering tick free or control zones, stock from the tick infected zone must be inspected clean and treated. It is their hope that through genetic research they can improve the yield and the income of cattle producers Other Popular Essays.

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From Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and from California to the Atlantic Ocean there are several thousand head of cattle being raised. Cause The cattle tick, Rhipicephalus microplus, formerly known as Boophilus microplus, affects primarily cattle but can also infest other species such as sheep, horses, goats, buffaloes, camels, alpacas, llamas and deer.

The people raising cattle in the Midwest are faced with droughts and having to keep their crops and cattle watered There are multiple ways farmers can avoid the initial infection and use effective methods to prevent diseases from infecting the rest of their herd On a lightly infected animal the main places to look are the escutcheon, tail butt, belly, shoulder, dewlap and ears.

Cattle tick essay

In Queensland there is a demarcation between the tick free zone and the tick infested zone and reports of infestations in the free zone must be reported to Biosecurity Queensland. The population is 1, Before entering tick free or control zones, stock from the tick infected zone must be inspected clean and treated. Life cycle The cattle tick is a single host tick, meaning that it spends the parasitic stage of its life on the one host. Herding dogs are the best known working dogs. Tick fever results in sickness and death in cattle. Contact relevant state government animal health officers for more details of movement restrictions and the necessary legislated treatments that must be undertaken.

Avoid chemical residues It is essential that producers observe withholding periods and retreatment intervals with chemicals used for cattle tick control. Horses, goats and sheep also suffer tick-worry but after a period of time they will develop strong resistance.

Their culture and rituals are changing, but they still hold on to a few.

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Migrating birds carry ticks with them on their journeys; a study of migratory birds passing through Egypt found more than half the bird species examined were carrying ticks.

The scientific name of the tick that I am studying is Ixodes Canisuga, it has a sclerotizeddorsal plate scutuman oval or pair shaped outline, and their mouthparts are visible from the dorsal view A pattern of small, circular, depressed areas shows where muscles are attached to the interior of the integument.

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Tick Treatment & Management in Cattle