Common issue in malaysia

list current issue in malaysia

Many of these groups, including Malaysian Muslim Solidarity, Jemaah Islah Malaysia, the Association of Malaysian Scholars, and the Islamic Welfare and Missionary Association of Malaysia, as well as sections of PAS, openly called not only for the creation of an Islamic state but, more contentiously, that the entire non-Muslim population be disenfranchised.

AGE team proposed a news literacy programme for primary school students, and also a grant to support deserving school editorial boards. In many countries people still believe that women who come forward will not be taken seriously. They would lay the foundation for much deeper reforms in the future years of the administration.

Immigration: Immigration control should be vested in the state governments of Sabah and Sarawak.

list current issue in malaysia 2018

There are no clear successful examples elsewhere. First, there are those who see positives in the policy.

Common issue in malaysia

However, Azimy Wan Ahmad, 36, strategic events and communications manager at the My Performing Arts agency, believes there is still no consistent support of arts and culture as part of the strategy to break into the top People are wildly over-optimistic about the pace of change on pay and economic equality

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Six important issues for young Malaysians