Dead man walking capital punishment essay

Banks Bluevale English 8 years, 6 months ago Many people have very strong feelings about the use of capital punishment.

Dead man walking capital punishment essay

And still the state continues. While the answer may not be known in this particular case, their actions and statements cause viewers to question it.

And others say there are no effects on the murder rate. The decision to sentence a black mand for killing a white man is no question and in earlier times there was a great difference if a white man killed a black man or a black man a white. Pat Sonnier answers the letters from Helen Prejean and after a time she gets more to know about him and she also reads about his victims and his brother Eddie who was also involved and found guilty of first degree murder and sentenced to death, in the police files. Pat tells Helen about his childhood, that his parents used to fight a lot and he had to try to survive with his younger brother Eddie. Finally, the movie shows killing anyone, even a murderer like Poncelet, is cruel and inhumane. Witnesses told of flesh burning, flames leaping out of the heads and legs of the victims, and eyeballs popping out of their sockets. David Todd Eng. They asked Sister Helen at one point "How can you sit with that scum? We cannot close our eyes. In ancient Rome, one who stole another's crops or who disturbed the peace at night could be executed. Helen Prejean also visits the governor and speakes for Pat but she only see that the goernors job is to carry out the law and nothing else. If killing people is immoral and wrong, then justice is not served by killing murderers in prison death chambers. In fact when executions occure, there are new victims and a new familie suffering, what is the cycle of killing. He was truly sorry and changed in the end. Can executions be human?

And in biblical accounts, acting in God's behalf, Moses proclaimed the death penalty for kidnapping and cursing at one's parents. In a way, Matthew Poncelet killed Earl's son, his marriage, and his heart.

Some of the most popular ones have been hanging, firing Christian Narrative Vs. Dead man walking is an eyewitness account of the death penalty in the United states.

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She came from a strong background but chose to "give back" to others. Or, what would happen between them and their other daughter.

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Sister Helen showed what being a Catholic and a Catholic nun is truly about. Finally, Matthew Poncelet should not have been executed because killing anyone is immoral. Although capital punishment still exists the trend to make executions less brutal has been consistent since the late s. Six months later Millard Farmer meets her and asks her if she want to be the spirtual advisor of Robert Lee Willie who had killed a eighteen-year old girl in The parents of the slain teenage girl, whose daughter was not murdered by Poncelet but was raped by him, were justifiably upset when they learned that someone was taking the time to apparently try to save the murderer. Earl Delacroix was the father of the teenage boy who was murdered by Matthew Poncelet. By looking at each character's view pertaining to capitol punishment for Matthew Poncelet, whether it be Sister Helen, Matthew, Mr.

After some letters Patrick put Helen on his visitor list as spiritual advisor and she is now allowed to visit him on reath row.

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