Depression turned into insanity in the yellow wallpaper by charlotte gilman

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Boston: Longman, Shortly, she finds herself frequently examining the pattern of a hideous yellow wallpaper that resides in her room He helped in the housework more and more as my strength began to fail, for something was going wrong from the first… A sort of gray fog drifted across my mind, a cloud that grew and thickened. Charlotte Perkins Gilman herself was treated for Post Partum Depression after the birth of her daughter. The protagonist of the story might have been suffering from puerperal insanity , a severe form of mental illness labelled in the early 19th century and claimed by doctors to be triggered by the mental and physical strain of giving birth. At night the narrator is able to see a woman behind bars within the complex design of the wallpaper. This explanation is, however, dead wrong. Readers are left to reach their own conclusions. Her passion is to write and by doing so we are able to follow her on a journey in which she is victimized by those closest to her. At first she focuses on contradictory style of the wallpaper: it is "flamboyant" while also "dull", "pronounced" yet also "lame" and "uncertain" p. As her time in the room progresses, so does her obsession. The answer, I think, lies in its urgent immediacy, born out of Gilman's own experience of mental illness, and the horror of what follows by way of 'treatment'. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student. Whether the doctor's dictum was the reason or merely a reason I do not know.

Society or Biology? And yet I cannot be with him, it makes me so nervous! Detroit: Gale, Even before the birth, despite her husband's solicitude, she was sinking into depression. The narrator goes on to explain that John, like Dr.

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This drives her further into madness until she descends beyond the point of getting better. Catherine Golden. Unfortunately, his attempts have an adverse effect and she spirals into insanity, becoming unhealthily obsessed with the yellow wallpaper in the room she is trapped in.

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Yellow Wallpaper Insanity Essay