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This practice was required in all death penalty cases in Blakely v. A trial without a jury in which both questions of fact and questions of law are decided by a judge is known as a bench trial.

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In the late eighteenth century, King has found evidence of butchers being excluded from service in Essex; [14] while Crosby has found evidence of "peripatetic ice cream vendors" not being summoned in the summer time as late as Challenge for Cause Section of the Criminal Code of Canada provides the basis upon which an individual juror may be challenged for cause.

In other legal systems, it is generally possible for an appellate court to reconsider both findings of fact and conclusions of law made in the trial court, and in those systems, evidence may be presented to appellate courts in what amounts to a trial de novo new trial of appealed findings of fact.

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The jury determines the truth or falsity of factual allegations and renders a verdict on whether a criminal defendant is guilty, or a civil defendant is civilly liable. The jury in this period was "self-informing," meaning it heard very little evidence or testimony in court.

The collective knowledge and deliberate nature of juries are also given as reasons in their favor: Detailed interviews with jurors after they rendered verdicts in trials involving complex expert testimony have demonstrated careful and critical analysis.

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Juror Qualifications