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Evaluation of a devaluation The effect of a devaluation depends on: 1. Import prices are not the only determinant of inflation. According to the Big Mac Index, a burger in Brazil costs more than in countries with wealthier citizens, like Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

This period from t1 to t2 is around one to two years. The dollar was stronger than many foreign currencies which had an unfavorable impact on some of the bottling investments operating segments. Falling real wages.

Moreover, most of the bigger enterprises will face increasing difficulties in loan repayments and the cost of new industrial investments will shoot up sharply. Then govt.

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A stronger dollar helps American companies and consumers buy Chinese imports at lower prices; a weaker Chinese currency makes U. Similarly, it becomes more attractive for British workers to get a job in the US because a dollar wage will go further. Devaluation is a monetary policy that lowers the price of domestic currency in terms of foreign currency, thereby increased exchange rate of domestic currency per a unit of foreign currency. It might affect exports prices and thus wipe out all the edge that might be hoping to gain in the export markets through devaluation. Change in quantities causes rise of CA balance. The extent to which a currency depreciation does lead to higher inflation depends on the import dependency for a country - in the case of the UK, around one third of national output each year comes from imports of finished and semi-finished products, energy supplies and raw materials. If ACI were to accept payment in rupee, it would be incurring substantial currency risk. By all accounts, the currency board had forced Argentina to enter into a downward spiral.

We must give highest priority to the consolidation of our economy vis-a- vis expansion. As a result, the different currencies will float against each other on the world markets.

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Analysis of the J curve concept shown in my diagram below suggests that it can take time for demand and output to adapt. A long term plan is required to put the economy on the right track. Improvement in the current account. As some countries hold floating exchange rates, others maintain fixed exchange rate policy against the United States dollar or other major currencies. It refers to decline in value of a currency with respect to other currencies, which is most of the times brought by central bank. For example, with fall in the value of the Pound, migrant workers from Eastern Europe may prefer to work in Germany than the UK. Change in quantities causes rise of CA balance. The first example of this was in the removal of the gold standard from the mark in WW1 Which was itself designed to prevent depreciation of currency as gold is a relatively stable commodity. In these circumstances, the currency value will fall rapidly. However with the lapse of time it has been learnt that such an operation is sometime necessary to save the country from economic hardships. Infact devaluation only reduces the external value of currency without Argentina: The Collapse of the Currency Board words - 9 pages losses in its international trade terms, was feeling the effects of the Brazilian real devaluation, and was facing a strong U. You're now subscribed to receive email updates!

The effective exchange rate is an index weighted by the percentage of trade that the UK does with individual countries and trading blocs. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Linkedin Share on Google Share by email Here is a sample answer to this question: "Evaluate the possible impact of a depreciation of the sterling exchange rate against leading currencies on key macroeconomic objectives.

It also allows UK exporters to lower their prices expressed in a foreign currency and hopefully achieve an expansion of overseas sales.

A stronger dollar helps American companies and consumers buy Chinese imports at lower prices; a weaker Chinese currency makes U. Also, after a devaluation, UK assets become more attractive; for example, a devaluation in the Pound can make UK property appear cheaper to foreigners.

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Currency Devaluation Essay