Developing automobiles in bangladesh

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Pricing of the bike depends on the features it has and people have a very subjective views on quality. The problem here is with the raw materials. After then, Honda committed to set up a motorcycle manufacturing plant in the country. We are customizing our products according to the climate of the countries we want to export. As the infrastructure of the country is growing, the need for transportation is also increasing. MBR: What is the philosophy of Runner automobiles in case of positioning the brand in the market? At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr Rahman said in the future it was necessary to measure CO2 emissions yearly to assess the progress being made in achieving the desired 50 percent improvement in fuel economy, and to set limits on the number of vehicles in metropolitan areas. The study, performed in expected this trend to accelerate. Some local companies like RoadMaster Motors, Jamuna Automobiles are few of them In , Hero MotoCorp made a re-enter in Bangladesh market with the hands of local Nitol-Niloy Group and expressed their interests to set up a manufacturing plant in couple of years.

It will help us to improve our product quality and expansion. We wanted to manufacture motorbikes locally and make it affordable for mass people so that mobility takes less cost and saves the time.

Developing automobiles in bangladesh

One note of caution, though: Let the longevity of the vehicles produced here fare well if compared with their counterpart brands from Japan. Pricing of the bike depends on the features it has and people have a very subjective views on quality.

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We have servicing center 1. As a Bangladeshi automotive brand, we are focusing more on this area to make all people believe that this is our nations product but not from other countries. Till now Runner Motors and Walton is the local motorcycle manufacturer in Bangladesh. However, the automotive industry is still particularly concerned about product recalls, which cause considerable financial consequences. The problem here is with the raw materials. We could make it possible due to favorable government policies for the manufacturers. Hopefully, this step will be followed by more decisive ones in the days to come for manufacture of engine and parts at the plant. After then many other local companies got engaged in producing of motorcycles. We approach our customers warmly so that they can experience a great service from us. If the components fail to meet the benchmark, we discard them and halt the shipment of those components. As a manufacturer we make our design source components based on the designs.

Bangladesh's dependence on imported trucks, buses, cars and auto-rickshaws needs to be reduced in the interest of its economy. According to a J.

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These showrooms are our marketing hub. We got the approval to manufacture up to cc bikes locally for the export market.

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