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The differences should be pretty clear.

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I did more reading and looked back at my thesis in order to draw these themes out. Books must be presented in an entirely different way.

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Anything that is useful only for examiners e. This approach took a long time three years, post-viva because the work was undertaken alongside HPL teaching and summer work, which slowed the project down considerably. Think of it as a brand new project which builds on rather than derives from your PhD research. The proposal also requires a timeline, wordcounts and image details, your CV and details of academic referees. When you revise your dissertation into a book, your structure needs to make sense for your book. I have no doubt that this was because I took that time to develop the project. If your field is tiny, then you want to show that you intervene in debates beyond your immediate disciplinary context. Illustrations, copyright permissions, and length can hike up the price.

Keep footnotes and endnotes to a minimum. Incomplete manuscript: Estimated date of completion and any resources needed should be within six months.

My course load was a one semester of 4 courses.

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Publishers recoil in horror from over-long manuscripts because more pages mean more costs. What you may not be aware of is that the book proposal should be an element in your job applications.

publishing your phd thesis as a book

People are more inclined to read a blog than a lengthy magazine article, so make it count. They may ask for more material, depending on the extensiveness of the review process.

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All Your Dissertation to Book Questions, Answered (Ultimate FAQ)