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There are a handful of gentlemen that would gladly give up on life as long as they stay superior over their wives. They limit individuals, not granting them to achieve and follow their dreams. Bloom's Literary Reference Online. Susan B. This forces her to pretend to be someone she is not. In the Cher All rights reserved. Krogstad selfishly threatens the likelihood of her Christmas being poor in order to get his point across. She relies on the nanny to do most of the work.

It may be skewed differently by gender, but most of the time the choices we make are based on the effectiveness of everyone else around us.

Many women characters throughout American literature reflect the same conflicts and attitudes of Makes me think twice before I let my bias take over.

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Nora: That I no longer believe. Finally, the study did prove that Krogstad is the most qualified character to be the play's antagonist for his antagonistic features including the conflicts with Nora, the strong dramatic effect on her and the dramatic effect on the play's events.

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Key words: Krogstad, A Doll's House, antagonist, motives, dramatic effect. Women should have just as many rights as men and should not be discriminated by gender; but they should also accept consequences in the same way without a lesser or harsher punishment. Society is what determines what is right or wrong. I was able to find an incredible quote that went perfectly with what I was writing about. New York: Chelsea House Publishing, America is a free country and not allowing a true American to vote is unconstitutional and should never be allowed within the States. He feels his home, his family, his job, his high standards and his independent character makes him a valuable asset to society. This book was a good representation and probably one of my best sources to use for which I had a hard time deciding what quotes to use since there were so many. Each of the main characters has to come to terms with decisions they have made in the past and the current conditions they find themselves in because of those decisions. Rank is Nora's confidant and, in turn, Dr. Nora's decision at the end of the play conveys Ibsen's idea that a woman has a duty to herself and that marriage is so confining that she can fulfill that duty only by leaving. For scholars of modern theater, Henrik Ibsen's body of work represents an important juncture in the changing dramatic sensibility that would play a significant role in twentieth-century works. This play is about women's need for independence and her obligations to family and society. When in reality, women of our world have accomplished and been able to do just about anything the typical man can do. Benjamin Blom, inc.

All rights reserved. Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters. In fact, he is shown to be, in that instant, an uncaring stranger. She relies on the nanny to do most of the work.

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A Doll House can be best analyzed by describing the techniques of the plot construction, the treatment of time, and the development of characters and by showing how each technique ties into the central theme of the work.

Despite his scolding, Torvald takes out his wallet and, like a teasing father, says, "Nora, what do you think I've got here? In addition, the seemingly trivial flow of Torvald's terms of endearments for Nora conveys little expository information, but they are an enormously effective means of conveying Nora's objectification and inferiority within the marital relationship.

Calling all the shots, running the household, and bringing in more than enough money are his main priorities.

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Nora appears to be a spoiled child disconnected from the world and is told by Torvald that she is little, incapable and he must take care of her or she would not survive. Even when Krogstad blackmails Nora and threatens her with things that would ruin everything she as woman has to offer, she undoubtedly does not change her mind. Torvald asks Nora what she would like for Christma In the literary analysis , the Subordination of Men and Women in Society, Andrew Ravenscroft states: "Ibsen wrote to free both men and woman who were trapped in their gender roles during this period. Washington, D. Finding out some of his childhood memories and more information on his life helped me understand why he wrote some of the things he did. Our generation today gets bored easily and divorce is very common among couples. At the same time as Nora tries to be the perfect wife, Torvald tries to be the perfect man based on what society defines as the perfect man. Facts On File, Inc. Her main focus is to obtain enough money to pay off her debt and, at the same time, enjoy the thrill of buying things. Subordinate Role Subordinate Position 1, words Henrik Ibsen is a writer that uses literature to channel entertainment and express himself throughout the play, A Dolls House. He does not understand why Nora is leaving. Everyone makes mistakes and no one on the planet is anywhere near perfect.
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