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All of that led the government going with a begging bowl to the International Monetary Fund and new agreement with the fund and a new facility was negotiated.

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These incentives will be second to none in attracting the kind of investments that are appropriate for Sri Lanka at our current stage of development. All the more important because there are governing politicians out there who seem to want to undermine him.

Over the past few years, Sri Lanka has seen a rise in the use of small arms and light weapons, which is a concern for the security and safety of civilians, further development from the stage of less economically developed country So I would like to walk through my three scenarios and then come up with my conclusion but, let me give you my conclusion straight away.

Sri Lanka is upgrading education, training and skills to create the human resource base which supports a competitive and rapidly modernizing economy.

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It needs a different kind of executive authority with devolved powers which will also allow a new elite to emerge a different channel from Colombo as it were. Of a smaller, but effective government.

Essay future sri lanka

Infrastructure growing to fuel touristry growing: To guarantee rapid growing of touristry in the hereafter, touristry undertakings will necessitate to be balance with substructure development. However, correlating this way of thinking to a political theology may prove to be difficult because most people have more important matters to be concerned about than adhering to morale. The programme believes the human resources and natural and cultural gifts values and state will be indispensable in transforming Sri Lanka into a Centre of excellence and offer tourists the highest values of existent experiences in its alone scene. The government will create an environment where all citizens have the opportunity to achieve higher incomes and better standards of living. The tsunami waves traveled primarily in the east to west direction and caused major damage along the coasts of southern Thailand. These are illustrated below. Sri Lanka is a prime example of just how conflict can arise. As I said the good news is that foreign relations have been balanced and we have much better relations with India and the west. The current estimation on the extinction rate ranges between 1, and 10, times higher than the natural rate Kumar and Khanna To ease the passage to genuine ethnic relations. Both share similar aspects of their lives beginning with the fact they share the same name: Michael.

Sri Lanka is a prime example of just how conflict can arise. Of course ethnic relations are much more complicated than this, but the precondition is for a sustainably growing economy.

There are also structural reforms that I talked about earlier that are politically more difficult, SOEs, labour market reforms, etc. By Razeen Sally — We have to ask ourselves some very hard, direct questions. Most of our politicians are corrupt and we have to blame ourselves for electing them.

Over the old ages touristry in Sri Lanka has developed significantly.

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