Essay on birds of a feather flock together

Some use claws, others use only their beaks. Out of all the pieces in the gallery, this one stood out the most to me because of its intricate designs, the technique used to make the bird and its size was relatively big compared to the other artworks.

They feed, move and flock together. The above statement is the plot which is presented in both the story and the film. This is how humans also act. It is common to see large groups of birds flying together.

Tell a story that ends with the expression indeed birds of a feather flock together

They always do everything with one another too. Almost a century prior to this time industrial revolution occurred in the English society, introducing drastic changes at different levels of the English socio-cultural aspects. What is the infectious agent for Bubonic Plague? The virus is spread through physical contact and humans can contract it through contact with an infected animal. Person 2: Well, birds of a feather do flock together. The entire U. This is how humans also act. Sometimes people manipulate the words in this expression a little to fit a specific context or situation, but the meaning of the expression remains the same. At the end of the poem, he states that after viewing this unforgettable imagery, his heart had been lifted Words: - Pages: 4. The proverb has a deeper meaning mentioning how humans accompany each other who are of similar character, habits, and interests. Along with the obvious feathers and wings, birds have other adaptations for flying such as a wide keel on the sternum, with large wing muscles attached, air spaces and sacs throughout the body and bones, to decrease their weight, and they have various bone fusions and reductions to strengthen and streamline their body They learn from one another and pass it on to future generations. Thank you! Thus, the proverb is a metaphorical phrase, stating human character with that of birds.

She is also very self conscious of herself and what she has when compared to others particularly women. What is the infectious agent for Bubonic Plague? The same general idea is true for people, as it is for bird.

a paragraph on birds of same feather flock together

When I looked up the quote on the internet I found that my finding were confirmed. Birds of a feather flock together : Brief Essay Literally, the proverb talks about birds. People always love to spend time with those who are similar to them. You cannot see an eagle with a flock of ducks.

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Birds of a Feather Flock Together