Essay on christianity in roman empire

They destroyed their enemies and took their land. Islam positively affected the government and improved their environment Also, the persecution of the Christians by the state will not be considered in this essay. This Jewish heritage of Christianity gave it a solid foundation of history, morality and religious literature, which it built upon, modified, and made its own.

The cults of both Cybele and Isis practised rituals which were very similar to baptism.

How did christianity affect the roman empire

So if Paul had never converted to Christianity, it would not have spread to the Roman Empire, and it would have never been legalized, therefore it would not be a common religion today. We are living in a secular age, where all religions are marginalised. At a council of the apostles and church elders in Jerusalem, it was decided that the Gentile converts should only be asked to refrain from eating meat from strangled animals or from animals offered to idols, avoid blood, and avoid sexual immorality. To future historians, it will be very interesting to see how Christianity adapts and what the results will be. Second, Christianity appealed to Romans because it provided a genuine religious alternative that offered intellectual content, a high standard of morality, a genuine social concern, and universal salvation for all people of all races and all classes. The turning point for Christianity was the ascension of Constantine I A. Also from Eusebius. Bibliography Apuleius of Madauros. Shelton, Jo-Ann, editor. Also, how they stayed with other people no matter poor rich hungry cold, they even stayed and help people when the plague was there.

These conquests contributed to the growth of Jewish diasporic communities around the Mediterranean and Middle East. The first recorded government sponsorship of Christian persecution comes from the reign of Nero and his blaming the great fire of Rome on Christians, which ignited a theological firestorm throughout the empire.

Essay on christianity in roman empire

This opportunity was the hope that after death followers would have an eternity of peace. However, her option is not a forced option because there is not a complete disjunction between the state religion and the mystery religion.

The type of influence agriculture had on the social classes, is that the majority of the Romans were independent farmers who farmed on their own, small plot of land. Even if she were to join the mystery religion, she would continue to participate in the state religion.

what factors contributed to the spread of christianity in the roman empire

Bettenson, Henry. It was already about years old at the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of the Christian faith, and directly influenced his life. So, how did the religion survive pressure, from both Judaism and Islam, and go on to become the leading religion in the world?

christianity spreading

This can be found in the New Testament in the book of Matthew, Chapter 28, verses 19 and

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The Rise of Christianity Essay