Factors affecting career choice of college students related literature

Research questions The questions of the research were the following: 1 How significant were factors of the environment in making career choices?

Factors influencing career choice in our educational system

She noted that excellent detailed plan for teaching parents and teachers how to teach young students to set career goals. It is assumed that the attributes of the respondents influence their behavior and answers on the survey questions. The survey was designed to be completed in five-minutes or less. It also involves a series of prime factors such as the socio-demographic profile sex, age, parents educational attainment, parents occupation, size of income, and sibling position. These imply that like other graduating students in high school students, the participants seemed to have chosen occupation. These were both descriptors but offer insight into the career choice process. The researcher considered senior high school students as the respondents since some of them are still undecided of course they want to pursue and suffers from difficulties in deciding their last term in high school excluded lower years since they are not yet capable of making a career decision and still pursuing their target specialization. Interest — to induce or persuade ; to participate or engage. No single survey question in the environment section was particularly important to the student. The survey used an ordinal ranked series of factors such as those established in the literature review, which affect career choice.

Students who are working might well be aware that the military may offer them the best promise as far as education and a career choice is concerned. He recommends that a more improved and functional guidance provided in school to help students make sound career choices.

factors that influence career choice pdf

The format mirrored those objectives. See table Self-in-situation, self-in-world and the orientation of work evolve as one resolves the psychosocial crises of life. Satisfaction of a committed cause or action is at least temporarily attained.

Factors affecting career choice of college students related literature

Of those students 15 accepted or elected to keep a survey to look at.

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Factors Affecting Career Preference Among Students