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A soil sample is taken by drilling a soil auger in to the desired depth, and removing the auger. A soil sample is taken by drilling a soil auger into the desired depth. Though the fingerlings can be imported but the local hatchery is now also available. Cost of fish seed Rs. This project will produce an average weight of grams per fish in 08 months. Fish Growth Growth is defined as weight gain during a period of time. Plough the pond bottom until Maintain water at smooth and spread organic manure required level. Breeding of Double tail Carassius auratus auratus , Shubinkin C. The fish will quickly become accustomed to being fed, and will often move to the feeding area as soon as the farmer appears at the edge of the pond.

The soil in the head of the auger is then placed in a plastic bag and taken to the departmental laboratory for analysis. Non-infectious problems, including high levels of ammonia, nitrites, carbon dioxide, suspended solids, or ozone residual levels have also cause mortalities in such systems.

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See Figure 4. If the transparency is greater than these recommendations, either case 1 or 2 should be applied to the pond; this can occur as often as once every week, depending on the amount of sunlight and the intensity of the bloom. A detailed financial model has been developed to analyze the commercial viability of the Tilapia Aquaculture.

Raceways also offer a much greater ability to observe the fish. I would like to inform you that present government is giving very high importance to the agriculture sector and see a very high potential in the fisheries sector.

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Water Quality and Quantity Water should be sourced from a tubewell. The total nursing pond area should be one sixth of the total production area. The fodder fed to grass carp also functions as manure in the pond; be aware that the rate of cow dung application will have to be lessened if the feeding rate of fodder is heavy. At temperature higher than this, a thermal stress occurs, resulting in an excessive metabolic rate, reduced growth, increased oxygen consumption, and greater susceptibility to disease. Various cost and revenue related assumptions along with results of the analysis are outlined in pre-feasibility study of tilapia fish farming in Pakistan by SMEDA. They should be from surface and from slightly below the depth that will represent bottom of the pond, i. Read More.. Culture technology of ornamental fish Shubunkin and High fin Koi carp has been transferred to 05 progressive farmers of Potohar Region. Majority of areas throughout Pakistan carry potential for Tilapia Aquaculture. If you want to start your own fish farming business then here is a guide to help you make your dreams come true. This can be overcome by constructing inflow splash pads to break up and aerate the inflow water to the pond. If the loss is greater than this, the pond will require a clay lining of at least six inches in depth; otherwise the cost of adding water for seepage will increase the operational costs of the project. To obtain fingerlings of this size, the farmer is required to have a nursery to grow the fingerling stock from approximately 10 grams to the desired grams during the growth period.

Ponds should also have outflow structures that regulate their water level, and have an ample catch basin. If the soil has sufficient clay content, the dikes can be built from the soil that is removed during pond excavation; thus excavation costs are minimized.

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The total nursing pond area should be one sixth of the total production area. Chairman Message Dr. Atleast one kg soil in the head of the auger is then placed in a plastic bag and taken.

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