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The FIT campus offers an empowering student community filled with talent and creativity of fashion students, artists, and teachers. I was fascinated how one marketing video could show the powerful, confident, and fearless side of a person's clothing, and how it could express one's feelings.

Fit nyc college essay

The way the words illustrated the scene and moral of the story brought tears to my eyes. When they read your essay, they need to walk away feeling like your going to be a solid, hard working student that has your head on straight. Fashion allows a person to specify his or herself through clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. This peaked my interest in marketing and I did not want to seek out any regular job. The Fashion Institute of Technology will give me everything I need in order to grasp a successful future in pushing the fashion industry in the new generation. All I kept thinking about is how I wanted to go back again. I plan to attain internships during my studies, because I would never want to miss an opportunity that this institution has to offer. Your essay is wonderful. You might also want to consider mentioning the major that you are specifically interested in either at the start or towards the end of the essay because your story has to justify your chosen major. And what better way than to combine that with fashion? These are just simple edits that should help to enhance the overall feel of the essay and make it more informative. What you're plans are if you become an F. Each and every time I do this, I can tell that this is what I want to do with my life. With that said, I think that there is only one section that seems to have come out of the blue and doesn't really gel with the total essay.

I consider myself somewhat lucky to have been able to learn on the go, and all of my opportunities allowed me to familiarize myself with the business aspects of fashion. All I kept thinking about is how I wanted to go back again.

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I also wouldn't say anything about Project Runway or any fashion related show that might have aired on MTV. Learning business practices through the advertising and marketing program at The Fashion Institute of Technology is the best place for me to start. Every time I get a new issue of these magazines, I read through each magazine thoughtfully, looking at all the editorials, and then cutting out images of clothes, cosmetics, stories, etc. When they read your essay, they need to walk away feeling like your going to be a solid, hard working student that has your head on straight. I came across a YouTube video of a Balmain advertising campaign one night. Why are you interested in the major you're applying for? Remember, they read thousands of these things, and who even knows if they read each word. Remember this application is mainly about your portfolio.

Many people trying to get into FIT probably have similar essays, explaining how they are the perfect candidates, you should take it one step ahead and show them how your a perfect candidate.

My determination to become a well-rounded, stronger individual is what makes me the perfect candidate for FIT. Knowing it would be an honorable achievement to have the opportunity to study things like journalism, sales promotion, and public relations here.

With all that had changed, my passion of fashion stayed right in its place.

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During my second year of high school, my grandmother became ill with breast cancer and my family and I had moved to a more secure area of town. Why you love fashion and or chose to apply to F. Intro: what you're are currently doing i.

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I know it can help with your application. Looking back to when I was a child, the moments I treasure the most were when my parents brought home books for me. However taking a more creative approach to answering the question would make you stand out even more.

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Perfect Candidate for FIT? Admissions Essay