Generic strategies at pepsi

High cultural intelligence has helped Pepsi gain acceptance in culturally diversified consumer markets. Competitive improvement planning: using Ansoff's matrix with Abell's model to inform the strategic management process.

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Due to risk factors, the company focuses on the related diversification and avoids risky experiences into unknown regions.

Strategic Management Journal, 7 1 Pepsi adopts the focus strategy both in terms of low cost and offering the best value.

Pepsico transnational strategy

Diversification Supporting Strategy What is diversification strategy? Hussain, S. Reed, R. Differentiation Differentiation is another most commonly used generic strategy to build a competitive advantage. Strategic Planning and Marketing Models. Market penetration involves encouraging sales growth within the current customer base. Diversification: The growing confusion. Rahman, K. Colorful packaging with high premium charged covers like below with additional products may also bring high profits with extraordinary substitutes. Pepsi manages to successfully introduce new products through on-going assessment of customers' needs. The strategic objective linked with using this intensive growth strategy is to increase the research and development investments for innovation and new product development. Market Penetration Primary Strategy What is the market penetration strategy? However, it is also important to note that market penetration becomes increasingly costly when a market reaches its saturation point. Vrontis, D.

This article discusses the four intensive growth strategies of Pepsi to understand the contribution of each growth strategy in achieving the sales growth objectives at the international stage: 2.

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Generic strategies at pepsi

It includes the activities used to increase the market share by focusing on an existing product in the existing market. The intensifying competition in the industry has made it challenging for Pepsi to sustain the market leadership position and increase market share without exerting significant efforts.

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PepsiCo's Focus Strategy