Homelessness dilemma in los angeles

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Los Angeles Times. Yet of the leading presidential candidates, perhaps only Elizabeth Warren has outlined a detailed national plan to address the lack of affordable housing. Los Angeles has taken about 16 percent of the funds from its recent sales-tax increase and packaged it as vouchers to offer to a share of its homeless population, allowing them to buy into the rental marketplace with the understanding that their subsidy will fade over the course of a year, shifting the burden onto the new renter.

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But the so-called "shelter-resistant" population is most evident in Skid Row, the portion of downtown where many of the city's homeless shelters, temporary housing and homeless services have traditionally been concentrated. A recent poll indicates that addressing homelessness in Los Angeles is more important than ever.

But the bandshell was empty, and the steel drum was gone. But if the problems only get worse, more voters around the country may soon start expecting their leaders to come up with answers—fast.

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But at that point, the city would have the breathing room to focus on helping the hardest cases.

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Los Angeles' homeless crisis: too many tents, too few beds