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The Post-Writing Process Summarize the Article Make a summary of the article by revisiting what the author has written about. Check out other samples to gain a better understanding of how to review the article.

Also, indicate strengths and weaknesses. Preparation includes the following steps: Step 1: Understanding what the article review is. Ask yourself if you would buy this magazine again.

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It evaluates and summarizes the article. Order Now An article review is essential because: It corrects vague terms.

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Often, scientific publications include more information on the background that you can use to analyze the publication more comprehensively. Here you may discuss the article itself, point out some significant mistakes of the research, and give proper evidence of these mistakes. DOI: Usually these guidelines are given before the assignment is provided. Rubrics and templates can also be used to evaluate and grade the person reviewing the article. Read it several times making notes on essential sections. The company will send you guidelines and then send you the magazines they want you to research, read and review in your own words. Read every page and start taking notes on the layout, topics, color theme and photos. Usually, there may be two of them. Benefits of looking through article review examples It is important to read on article review samples as this helps learners of a particular field to get introduced to the work of experts in that specific field. Also, critique the contributions of the material and overall effectiveness of the field. This is best done using direct quotations.

Look for unanswered questions in the article. Following these steps will help you in writing a useful review: Summarize the article.

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You need to summarize the main ideas of the article, arguments, positions, and findings. Use of analogies in the study of diffusion. However, if it is not enough, you can always ask your instructor to show you a couple of article review examples with APA formatting, or you can address any search engine for some examples of article review formats. To determine the main people working in a specific field. In writing of your article, there may be instances of usage of inappropriate words or unclear statements. Follows with a summary of the main points of the article. Later, you should write the body of your review — add your subjective reasoning to the article. To make your life a bit easier in terms of article review writing, a few tips on the given topic will be appropriate: Read the Entire Article.

Writing Involves: Summarization, classification, analysis, critiques, and comparison. Ensure you write all the essential points accurately in a clear and logical manner.

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The citation of a chosen source should be mentioned at the top of your paper following the APA style requirements for more information, please consult the APA manual. EssayPro not only provides paper writing help but could also assist you with editing and rewriting papers of any education level. Following these steps will help you in writing a useful review: Summarize the article. Concluding Review. Critique of the publication through the identification of gaps, contradictions, disparities in the text, and unanswered questions. Notice how you feel while reading the magazine and if it keeps your attention. Use non-technical and straightforward language. For example: Mirolad, L. This is best done using direct quotations. Make sure that you use specific references and examples. Much like other assignments, an article review must contain an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Look for unanswered questions in the article. Count on the support of our professional writers and editors. How to write a good article review?
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Guidelines For Writing An Article Review