India 2020 my mission

The project was to build the biggest solar park in Asia. It is essential to develop sustainable systems in every domain, so that fluctuations in the world economy do not have a direct impact on the Indian economy.

Visiontoo, does not belong to any single party, government or individual. This is the target we are setting for ourselves ," he said. Distinctive Profile of a Developed India Let me tell you what an economically developed India should look like by 1.

Education and Healthcare : Directed towards literacysocial security, and overall health for the population. Kalam Ji gives an insight into the existing state of affairs and how technology can prove to be a boon if rightfully utilized.

The book begins with the poignant question: can India become a developed country?

india vision 2020 ppt

Throughout the whole book what is given emphasis is that everyone has a role to play, each and every person.

Infrastructure development, which includes reliable and quality electric power, surface transport and infrastructure for all parts of the country including rural and urban areas under PURA 5.

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My Vision of India in