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With this, they can depend on the government if they are having a financial problem or other difficulties which can benefit them. PEST analysis 1.

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Social factors The social factors are element such as beliefs, value, attitudes, opinions and lifestyles of a person will affect a firm external environment such as cultural, ecological, demographic, religious, educational and ethnic.

It is one that influence operating expenditure for MAS airlines. Besides, Low productivity were due to poor management and poor technology.

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Besides, Malaysia Airlines are facing more competitors in the industry such as Airasia. Government carried out campaign will help boost tourism and airlines industry.

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Customer can choose types of classes airlines such as first, business and economy. Media such as television advertisement, advertisement board, magazine advertisement and etc.

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However, Malaysia Airlines did not do proper scenario planning which make them faced great loss as stated in their annual report With the increase of gross national income per capital, Malaysia are become more affordable to travel by air. Boeing are major supplier of all aircrafts and services, but Airbus put a lots of effort again and again to enter the supplier market. Bargaining power of Buyer Price, quality of service, convenient and comfort are concern to customers. Thus, Malaysia Airlines need to select a proper and the best strategies that can help them in realizing their goal and objectives. Safety instructions are being briefed before the flight depart every time and this can prevent chaos to occur if there is any accident occurs. For this reason, leadership of Malaysia Airlines should apply the vision trait in order to cope with changes and for the sake of the company continuity. Global economic recovery will increase growth in load factors. For this reason, Malaysia Airlines should use this opportunity to expand their wing in the international market. In threats, fuel price have been a problem for Malaysian Airlines for years. This promotion offer amazing low prices and all balik kampong bargain. Move your cursor to the login button, then a drop down login box will appear.

Total fuel cost increases comprised RM MAS has diversified into related industries such as aircraft ground handling, aircraft leasing, aviation engineering, air catering and tour operations. To strengthen is online booking service, Malaysia Airlines is planning a major expansionon its booking facility by the end of This shows the incapabilities of management in Malaysia Airlines to manage the company.

In person interview produce more accurate answers. The H1N1 pandemic and swine flu will lead to weaker demand of airline flight.

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Malaysia Airlines Corporate Policy and Strategy Essay Example