Man has been ungrateful to nature

Signs of an ungrateful person

Allah made the earth swallow him up and his abode. Prophet Muhammad regarded smiling to a brother as an act of charity. Thus, the bad attributes belonging to unbelief are criticized in the Quran and the unbelievers are threatened; believers are guided. A person who stops and controls them is regarded successful and a person who cannot stop and control them is regarded to have failed. The right to face your accuser? You could be very sensitive, or you could have very high expectations. He gave away most of his luxuries despite being the ruler of his people and even a statesman. Know that Allah amplifies and straitens the means of subsistence for whomsoever he pleases of His servants; had not Allah been gracious to us, He would most surely have abased us; Ah! Man is often unthankful and ungrateful. Lots of Third World folks would love to trade places with you, and can only fantasize about the kind of material prosperity you enjoy every single day. Yet, with the greatest compassion possible, He saw our plight, took pity on us, and personally intervened in human affairs, He exhausted His wrath upon Himself instead of us at the Cross—freeing us from the sin-death regime we were all under and liberating our souls from the tyranny of sin. He had nothing in terms of wealth during his Prophethood and still was content as a person. This meaning is meant by the above verse. Sometime today, in the midst of all the busyness and preparations, take some unhurried time to pause and give thanks. Smiling is an offshoot of happiness.

Quran And He is the one who gave you life; then He causes you to die and then will [again] give you life. Our sages were not oblivious to the real pain caused by minor irritations. Are you suffering the ravages of war, or do you live in a land unscathed and free from bombings, shots ringing out, and armed terror gangs?

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There is no denying that. It is almost impossible to always be happy.

An ungrateful heart

Any time somebody does something to annoy or disappoint you, look for something to praise about them. Is it heated? To this offer he replied: By Allah! You will compete for it just as they competed for it and it will destroy you just as it destroyed them. However, the ignorant and arrogant eyes of Korah could not perceive the divine Blessings. If you were planning to go on a hike and it starts to rain, go sit somewhere warm and have a hot chocolate, or make some popcorn and sit down with a good book. So, go to a stationery store and buy the prettiest hard-cover notebook you can find and turn it into a gratitude journal. Instead of judgment, forgiveness! Think about your education—your teachers, schools, courses of study—and give thanks you are no longer in ignorance and illiteracy. Is it a lack of social or intellectual stimulation, or do you just need to have more fun?

Give thanks for ten things your parents did right or for ten life lessons you learned from them. Instead of hell, we are given heaven! Lots of Third World folks would love to trade places with you, and can only fantasize about the kind of material prosperity you enjoy every single day.

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Little are you grateful.

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