Marketing case study weight watchers versus

They don't want to feel deprived. This alternative also provides WW with access to the membership of the fitness centers that they have not had access to before opening up an entirely new membership potential.

Marketing case study weight watchers versus

Make the solution look complicated Weight Watchers makes eating look complicated. Rather than relying on regular-old calorie-counting for foods, Weight Watchers now uses the PointsPlus system. Matthew August 17, at am Hello John, nice to see you here. All age groups are targeted by deceptive advertising it is just a matter of how consumer savvy you are.

This is a new market and can be very lucrative for Weight Watchers as businesses are becoming more and more health conscious. I believe that a side benefit of this option would be attractive to the majority and would result in an excellent retention strategy. Throughout the years, this program has improved, re-packaged, and been given different names. They have modified their services to fit the new age views on a healthy lifestyle. For example, Optifast, Jenny Craig and Medifast are all meal-replacement programs. Windows is a registered trademark of the Microsoft Corporation used herein under license. If your business has been offering a particular product for some time, think how you can improve it to better serve your customers. This does not look good for Weight Watchers. They also pushed the fact that their program has flexibility, allowing the customer to choose their own path. While a partnership with a group like Jenny Craig will not provide a solution for all consumers assuming that this would not be in-expensive , Alternative A has the promise to have success with a wealthier cliental basis. They are willing to listen to what works for people and respond, and act on that for your benefit. But what? This could be the recipe for a future strike. While they do offer basic incentives, it was found in an internal forum provided by the company that compensation was not based on merit Phillips. Consumers react well to this type of strategy because they feel no pressure; and once they see the educational materials and products at a meeting, they want them.

Ambidextrous Organization One area where Weight Watchers is doing pretty well is adapting to the changing market. Marketing is a funny business with many different philosophies.

weight watchers business model

Perhaps they truly believe that changing their platform and hiring a celebrity endorsement will be the answer to all their problems. The cost to switch to a new brand is not only low, they may save money!

Almost all companies are guilty of this crime, including Phillip Morris Tobacco, weight loss programs and even grocery stores just to name a few. If WW was successful in achieving a partnership with large insurance companies, an indirect result could be achieving a larger share of the market share. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. They are willing to listen to what works for people and respond, and act on that for your benefit. The best alternative for Weight Watchers is to partner with a large national fitness center chain to position them as a full solution to meet the goal of weight loss success. Let's take a look at six savvy principles Weight Watchers has implemented to solidify its position at the top of the weight-loss stack. If they do, they can become so focused on lowering costs that they miss market trends or fail to incorporate important product or process designs.

Those products make it easier for people to follow the program.

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Weight watchers international case study by jack ng