Marketing challenges in the global economy essay

It is essential to determine the internal organizational culture by aligning with the outside culture of any region.

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These second-round effects would also likely hurt productivity growth. But, at a broader level, the momentum behind global trade reform has clearly waned in recent years. These higher profit margins spurred innovation and provided funds for the development of new products. Even then, the longer-term impact will be uncertain, as this will depend upon the type of trade deals that can be struck by the UK and the rest of the World in the future.

Global economic challenges of the 21st century

So it is clear that through foreign expansion the country, not only improves their profitability, but also they work towards the economic development as well. This book indicated that a lifelong learning framework encompasses learning throughout the lifecycle, form early childhood to retirement, and in different learning environments, formal, nonformal, and informal. There are many approaches to dealing with the costs of globalization, but protectionism is a dead end. For that to be the case, we have to provide greater support to those who are hurt by trade. A direct result of an economy that defies borders or governments is that it has openly called into question not only how much room governments have to maneuver but how much they can affect such an economy in the future. This means that everyone stands to gain from cooperation. Various elements of the marketing mix are also affected at international level. Older workers tend to suffer larger earnings losses, and may face larger transition costs. Where the internet makes it easy to order products and supplies for consumers and retailers all over the world that convenience would obviously be lost if the internet would cease to exist and import and export markets throughout the globe would surely crumble. Third, the answer to those challenges is not greater protectionism. Policies should include more assistance with job retraining, help with job search and mobility, and broader unemployment support. Every organization prepares different kind of marketing and product mix in order to cater the attention of people residing in different regions and areas. A better course is to learn from our experience.

This was the experience in India, which helped trigger the reforms of the early s. Openness to trade has certainly played a large role in the economic ascent of Asia. For example, in the United States, one of our largest manufacturing exports is aerospace parts which requires skilled labor and one of our largest imports is apparel which requires less skilled labor.

Emerging markets, on the other hand, are going through what the World Bank has called a "structural slowdown. While such measures might generate temporary boosts to growth from greater domestic production and consumption, these would likely be offset by a range of other costs.

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