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Direct marketing has the intention to target individual customers having with the purpose of delivering personalized messages and building a relationship with them based upon their responses to the direct communications.

This is referred to as media and audience fragmentation, and organizations have developed fresh combinations of the promotional mix in order to reach their audiences effectively.

The flexibility of this tool is good because it can be used to communicate with a national audience or a particular specialized segment. Attendees will receive media kits which include the following. Some stores have even a bespoke play area.

Segment strategies are relatively new to global marketing. ICT has provided a better platform to reach customer within the locality and global market at ease and the process of reaching the customer through the internet is called online marketing.

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The author highlighted some objectives public relation aim at achieving which include; to reduce negative publicity against the organisation, to raise the company profile and forge stronger, effective and cosnsitent customer-supplier relationship. The marketing department activities at FedEx are focused on customer segments.

Newer IKEA stores, make more use of glass, considering the aesthetic and functional reasons. The product price may be only one part of the consumer's cost structure.

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The Project of Marketing Communication Strategy for Georgian Brand BORJOMI