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He or she is emotionally unstable and forms intense but unstable interpersonal relationships. Future studies are needed to focus on interactions of specific endophenotype and environmental factors.

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Affective instability has been shown to be the most specific, sensitive criteria for BPD [ 41 ]. Increased testosterone levels and cortisol awakening responses in patients with borderline personality disorder: Gender and trait aggressiveness matter. I crave action, emotion, and momentous events on such a constant basis that I never know the source guiding my behavior. There are many disorders that affect these parts of people, In A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams, Blanche suffers from borderline personality disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder OCD. In sum, constitutional predisposition to emotional dysregulation with a non-supporting environment leads to the development of BPD [ 14 ]. Monroe was a distinguished model, actress, and singer, who quickly became known as a major sex symbol. Cognition deals with behavior resulting from mental processes. Because of these mood swings, the sufferer can be very difficult to be around or to cultivate a relationship with. A well-documented association exists between borderline personality disorder and depression Skodol et al.

Impairments in interpersonal functioning Empathy: Not able to recognize the feelings and needs of others. My acne. In community samples the prevalence of the disorder is roughly equal male to female, whereas in services there is a clear preponderance of women, who are more likely to seek treatment.

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Attachment process The literature on the relationship between attachment processes and the emergence of borderline personality disorder is broad and varies.

Paired with a genetic predisposition, environmental stressors such as childhood trauma are common. Borderline personality disorder in primary care.

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American Psychiatric Association.

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