Mother tongue based education

Parents can help with homework and can participate in school activities Studies have reported that when children take advantage of their multilingualism they also enjoy higher socioeconomic status, including higher earnings On average, the schools perform better,reporting less repetition Finally, schools report children stay in school longer Is there a perfect model?

What would that be like? With this bill, the Philippines will adopt a K cycle to ensure that students are prepared to go to university by the time of graduation from grade Many are in school, but not learning anything at all. Advocates of this approach point to pilot programs in the Philippines that have been successful in helping students gain full proficiency in the mother tongue, the national language Filipino, and English.

mother tongue based multilingual education help in improving the countrys economic situation

Languages that children may hear for the first time when they enter school. And how would you feel if you finished sixth grade, but still could not read or write? They may not see the need to pass it on to the next generation, causing eventual language endangerment for minority languages, a significant cultural loss.

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Mother Tongue Based Education in the Philippines