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The aggregated results are sensitive to the frequencies of occurrence of the categories and give a good overall picture of how well the techniques did in identifying the categories of any student sentence. Just like always, if you use a print source, you MUST make a photocopy of it and bring it physically to me or scan it and send it to me by classtime on the day it is due: Friday, Feb.

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Multiple sources

This way, if you need to change it, you can do so before it becomes too late. These sources are further identified and group if these are either primary or secondary sources. Many of these relationships would have to be inferred by the student, because the texts would have been written by different authors, at different times, and for different purposes. Read at least four articles from multiple sources that deal directly with this one issue you have chosen to work with. The reading and writing tasks were conducted via a Web-based application, and data were collected on reading patterns and on the essays. The students could not copy and paste from the reading to the writing window; they had to type what they wanted in the writing window. The topic must be something you choose to argue either for or against; it cannot just be an "informational" paper. The SVM multiclass approach likewise ignores word order, but has the advantage of learning the classification from the actual texts that the students have produced. See Britt et al. If your topic is not approved, then you must re-sumbit. The different elements of the representation shown in Fig. A simple conclusion could already have a lasting effect. This comprises your argument.

For a sentence, the training data consisted of a set of weights, one for each word except stop words that occurred in the sentence. The work reported in this article is an initial attempt to develop computational approaches to tackling these two challenges of multiple-source comprehension situations.

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We will peer edit them in class on Monday and Wednesday Often you will use both. There are four hypotheses regarding the relative performance of the three computational approaches to automated classification. A semantic-precision hypothesis assumes that the best solution to the problem of automatically determining the coverage of the integrated model in the essay will be sensitive to word order and context. Semantic overlap is a natural result of the fact that sources of information on the same topic are likely to involve many of the same concepts and words. We've discussed proper use of quotation and paraphrase before, so I won't get into that. Compare your notes to your thesis or statement of purpose. The integrated model template for human coding of the essays was driven by a representation of a causal model that addressed the inquiry question, as shown in Fig. Furthermore, the presence of some common words could serve as a trigger for integrating inferences by the students. Students who analyze sources can give them a powerful sense of history as well as the intricacy of the past. Specifically, in this article, we report on our efforts to use three types of computational approaches to analyze student essays that were generated as part of a project whose goal was the development of assessment tools for multiple-source comprehension Goldman et al.

There were, however, surface text matches across texts that complicated the text source identification issue. Primary sources are the materials that involves history like original documents which were created at the time under study. Once you decide on your reasons, sketch out a rough outline.

Credible resources include those written or compiled by research scholars or field experts.

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Regardless, the assessments are probabilistic rather than absolute and can be seen as general estimates of the quality and nature of the responses. Use phrases such as, "according to You must use all your sources in your paper whether direct quotes, paraphrases, or both - this is "Works Cited," not "Works Consulted. As in the past, it is permissible to simply write one paragraph for each reason; however, you may write more if you wish - just not less. Expanding unimproved lands by the European settlers has been influenced by a certain belief and practice that seeks to expand an existing market economy of a certain area. The choice of which to use may depend on the application. For a given document class, recall is defined as the proportion of documents sentences, in this case belonging to that class in the entire data set that were correctly assigned to that class in this approach. Afraid of accidentally plagiarizing?

Finally, the phrase of jobs was selected, producing 36 true positives, 47 false positives, and false negatives, for a total combined F 1 score of. The integrated model template for human coding of the essays was driven by a representation of a causal model that addressed the inquiry question, as shown in Fig.

Although LSA ignores word order, it does have the advantage of being trained on a large corpus of texts, so it should be able to identify semantic content without requiring the appearance of particular words. To convince undecided readers to agree with your argument, or to make opposing readers less resistant to your argument.

effective strategies to analyze integrate and synthesize different sources to draw valid conclusions

Avoid mining the data, which means that you select only the material that supports your point of view and disregard material that points to another conclusion.

If your topic is not approved, then you must re-sumbit.

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How to Write a Multiple Source Essay