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This time, Deora, who has been recently appointed the state Congress chief, is taking no chances and reaching out to the business community and diamond traders.

Apr 26, With his death, India's Tammany Hall has closed its doors for the last time. It has also been found that treatment of tobacco related diseases and the loss of productivity caused therein cost the country almost Rs. Then, looking at my girth, he said, "Wouldn't be bad for you either.

And, most of all, he enjoyed grooming one of his two sons, Milind, to join the political fray. In the absence of statutory provisions at that time, the Court prohibited smoking in public places such as auditoriums, hospital buildings, health institutions, educational institutions, libraries, court buildings, public offices, and public conveyances, including the railways.

But Murli's door was always open. Sawant too was present. In Deora was elected Mayor of Mumbai — one of the youngest ever. His family came from Laxmangarh in Rajasthan.

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And in a rare public endorsement, top industrialists Mukesh Ambani and Uday Kotak have publicly put their weight behind Deora.

It also has a large number of Marathi voters, whom Sawant had gained from, but lost this time with the MNS backing the Congress.

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Deora is a trusted aide of the Gandhi family in Mumbai. How "every new billion-dollar acquaintance was converted into a philanthropist — convinced to donate a heart lung machine to a municipal hospital, pay for an eye camp, fund the computer literacy for jobs programme at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, and more. In the 90s, there was very little to separate the winner from the runner-up in this constituency. He was re-elected in and but lost to Mehta in and before his son, Milind, defeated Mehta to be elected from the same constituency in Petitioners, in Mumbai and Delhi, would besiege him. Murli Deora had created a political dynasty: he himself had served in Mr. Known for his close relations with politicians of all political parties, he first contested the Lok Sabha polls from Mumbai South constituency in but lost to the Janata Party's Ratansingh Rajda though, in the subsequent election, Deora defeated BJP's Jayawantiben Mehta by a huge margin. Deora didn't have to plead for votes in his native Mumbai: he always had a "Made-for-Murli" bank of grateful voters.
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Murli Deora: The Last of India's Tammany Hall Chieftains