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Although this aspect of the play is true, agreeing with this negative view requires a person to believe that Lear learns nothing and that he suffers and dies in vain Each interpretation of the text extracts and concentrates on certain ideas, issues, themes, values of the play, altering the way the play is received amongst audiences and critics.

Before he can be united with his true son, Gloucester wanders into the storm, resolved to give away what little he has left to any person who will help him get to the cliffs of Dover where he intends to commit suicide.

Harley Granville-Barker justifies her irreconcilable fate thus: "the tragic truth about life to the Shakespeare that wrote King Lear The idea is that Lear, whose status has changed since retirement is nothing without his former power and title.

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The fool goes ahead and calls the king nothing. When he meets the old man, he admires him for owning nothing and he calls him a true human being. For instance the laughing at gilded butterflies scene, takes Lear into an observer role, it places him on the outside of reality, and it illuminates for him the truth behind nothing and it purpose.

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Nothingness in King Lear