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For instance, listening to the judge guide the jury gave us a lot of insight into the role that juries play, as well as precise definitions of 'murder,' 'manslaughter' and 'intent.

Brisbane, Australia: Author. During the pre trial, the defendant sat in his chair and held his head up with his hands, while looking around the room.

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On the right hand side of the Bar Table is the Witness box and the defendant sits directly at the back of Bar Table. Without having all the papers in front of you, it can be quite challenging to understand them.

Queensland Courts a. What puzzled me the most was the fact that Rogers had a lawyer who tried to prove his innocence, but unfortunately, there was enough evidence against his client.

A relative of the defendant? For example, the prosecution had used CCTV footage to place the defendant in the vicinity of the crime, supposedly hell-bent on causing harm to the victim. Case 1 Defendant 1, a young Caucasian female, pleaded guilty to a charge of uttering a forged cheque.

Court Observation Report - S Matters before the Court Two of the observed cases are described below with commentary. The architecture of the Supreme Court was much closer to what I had envisaged a court to be. There isn't one, our barrister asserted. Courtroom Out Line and Observation: In the Session Court that I attended, the physical appearance of the court is similar to other courts.

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Court Observation Paper Essay Example