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I am also curious of the link between schools promoting healthy foods and students making healthy food choices beyond school. Because of these noteworthy advantages of having vending machines within high schools, I ask that you and the School Nutrition Association rethink your stance of disallowing vending machines in high schools.

Vending machines for students

This is sometimes called the spike and crash syndrome. As high school students, budgeting money should be something that they should already be capable of or they should be learning how to budget. Vending machines are a significant advantage to high schools and they should be placed in the schools. Thus, government-subsidized food is a positive entity for school lunches because it provides adequate food to the millions of children that depend on them. In brief, vending machines should be placed in high school because they have enormous advantages. As mentioned above, vending machines are loaded with junk food. With only a thirty minute lunch and the long lines they have can turn their lunch into 10 minutes especially if you have to talk to a teacher. A main goal of our government is educating students for the global economy. Government-subsidized farming is good for school lunches. Furthermore, vending machines are available to adolescents throughout the day. As a high school student, I am exultant for the hard work that the School Nutrition Association and you, the president, do in order for high school students to receive a healthy lunch. School lunches provide important nutrition to students, especially to kids that skip breakfast or do not have the means to eat meals at home, which is why there should be healthier choices. Some critics believe that schools should be commercial-free zones and that vending machines in schools are part of a corporate effort to promote brand loyalty.

With obesity come many health risks, such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes Spring, p. It is important for students to be healthy, but still be able to get a snack or a drink when they need it.

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The Reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act which covers school meals requires that each school district create a local wellness policy to address physical activity and nutrition, and many school districts are using these policies to address vending at the district level.

In addition to the concerns about nutrition, questions have been raised about issues of commercialization and funding of schools.

For every hour spent in the classroom at Wayland high school, students are only allowed 5 minutes and they expect to go to the bathroom, go to their locker and grab a snack and they hope they make it to class on time.

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Education is key, and that of nutrition could change the world and ultimately help us evolve as a human race. This is a key reason as to why the purchase of alcohol and tobacco is controlled by age restrictions.

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Department of Health and Human Services. If one high school student is not capable of budgeting their money by refraining from spending all of their money in the vending machine, should all the students be punished by depriving them without a vending machine? It is important to note that most of the major problems are not caused by the presence of vending machines in schools but by what is sold or contained in them.

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Vending Machines in Schools Essay