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Now write your overview before you check the model.

Ielts writing task 1 pie chart and table

Diagram is a plan, drawing, or outline created to illustrate how separate parts work and overlap at the connecting points. In terms of task requirements, the report meets the word limit. A Pets in Year 7 at a school We have chosen the pie chart because we think it shows the number of pets in Year 7 best. Sounds boring, right? Write at least words. So there are more than twice as many pets in form 7GI. In this case, financial vocabulary will come in handy. There are more than 50 per cent of all the pets in one form - form 7GI. Does the report meet the requirements of the task? Besides, line graphs can show dependencies between two objects during a particular period. Charts, graphs, and diagrams can help you cope with this task. The second largest number of pets are in form 7HK. You will need to decide on the most clear and logical order to present the material. Can you apply a diagram to presenting a trend?

Does it focus on the important trends presented in the graphic information? Fill in the gaps with the right words. For example: It can be clearly seen that women received a much higher level of education in Someland in than they did in You must add data percentages and dates to support each sentence Here are two example sentences.

You will therefore need to summarise the graph in meaningful segments. Common phrases to see are "the proportion of…" or "the percentage of…" However, you can also use other words and fractions.

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The 4 main types of graphs are a bar graph or bar chart, line graph, pie chart, and diagram.

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