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To slow down the pace of these lines they may employ caesurae or simple punctuation.

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Skim the poem and determine what kind of poem it is. Also, 'she made herself ill by worrying so much about her health'. An overview would be useful.

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Your essay should certainly focus on tone and mood and you need to use example lines and quotes to back up your statements. Conclusion - traditionally this comes at the end or towards the end of your essay and is a final opinion on the poem, evidenced with quotes and comments. Proofread - when you think you've finished go back over your work with a fine tooth comb and cross out with one line any mistakes. You may want to say if you think the poem is a success, and give reasons for; or if you think it falls down, again, support your statement with some detail. For example, if the poem relates to nature in a particular way you may want to give your own response to certain lines or words in the poem, detailing the poet's technique and its effects. Avoid Pitfalls Leading to Low Scores AP essay responses are scored using a matrix of 0 to 9, from not responding at all to an excellent response with sophisticated writing, strong vocabulary and exceptional insight. Form a clear thesis that includes terms found in the prompt and the literary techniques, tone and meaning. Parallelism - this occurs when related words or phrases are similar in structure and augment each other eg but let compassion flow like water, and love grow deeper than an ocean. Learn how to write a high-scoring essay response to a poem on the AP exam. Paradox - when a phrase or statement seems impossible, absurd, contradictory and has no basis in reason but which might make sense. How successful, in your opinion, has the poet been in creating this inner world? Genuine poetry is not rooted in the abstract, the artificial, the tendentious. Both works focus on love and its consequences so there would be a natural starting point. Do you like the poet's approach - if yes say why, if no say why. Have you been directly influenced by it?

Select four to five examples to include in your essay. Have your feelings been stirred? Feeling - what effect has the poem had on you?

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It has to be a toad, and it has to be raw. Don't be afraid to add extra paragraphs if you have time.

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Overall, the form promotes the sort of poetry Moore is saying she wants: something authentic, not simply conforming to tradition for tradition's sake.

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And is it connected to the outside, to something concrete? Feeling - what effect has the poem had on you? Read through again until you are satisfied that this is your best effort. It comes from the everyday, the visceral and the earthy. As critic Maureen Mills writes, the free verse form allows "the sense of liberation of thought and expression" and "the natural, colloquial diction, almost intimate and companionable, encourages trust as Moore leads the reader into territories in which the familiar is viewed in an uncommon way. A great score on the AP English Literature and Composition test can get you college credit or advanced placement. The animals she describes are engaged in instinctual, playful activities, while the people who are described include a sports fan, a mathematician who deals with one of the "softer" disciplines, and of course the critic, who feels the perpetual twitch as if it were a flea. Expert Tips and Advice The single greatest reason students write poor responses to readings, including poems, is a lack of specific focus on the reading itself.

By adding your own ideas and imaginative material your mark will increase further, providing you have all the basics in order and keep your writing style up to scratch.

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Poetry essay questions