Provide an analysis of the relationship between business needs and space planning

Factors considered when planning an office

To establish this ratio, the usable area on each floor of each building is calculated, and then multiplied by the rental rate. Retail outlets comprise yet another business sector that has unique facility layout needs. Therefore, it is essential that workplaces are properly planned, efficiently managed and used to their best advantage. These reports also help the facilities manager determine solutions to further optimize the space and improve efficiency. Rondeau et al indicate that fire evacuation plans, types and placement locations of fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, unblocked exits, emergency lighting, adequate passage width, building fire alarm systems, non-combustible, flame-resistant furnishings, and unobstructed exit ways are some of the fundamental life safety concerns that must be addressed by design firms and facility professionals during the processes of space planning and interior design. It provides capabilities to help you: Assess baseline conditions Forecast future requirements Deliver what-if scenario planning that provides alternatives for demand by modeling different contingencies for business growth, change, acquisitions, or disposals Evaluate the complex tradeoffs involved over different time periods Provide the numbers needed to justify a specific course of action High quality intelligence about the portfolio and forecast costs of planned space scenarios gives planners a seat at the strategy table when key decisions are being made. Cubicle farms are being replaced by open, airy workspaces with communal meeting spaces, lounge areas, and ergonomic workstations. A detailed Scale Plan Try to get as large a piece of paper as possible to make it easy. Ensure that the circulation passageway through a room follows an easy and economic pathway from the door to all the other main activity areas. Appliances for use in the office should also be taken into account when setting the layout for this room, as well. Think about these points when creating your space plan and try to find a solution that will work. Rondeau et al describe the term ergonomic as a design created specifically to fit human dimensions and respond to functional requirements.

However, backtracking is to be avoided in whatever pattern is chosen. Supporting this argument, Rondeau et al assert that standards are designed to ensure that employees have adequate space and furnishings to carry out the tasks assigned and are not usually subject to the whim of a supervisor.

Shared space management also allows the business to run detailed utilization analyses, back charge reports, and graphical visualization to ensure that the space database remains consistent. In the meantime, click on the office space calculator here to help you get started with your space requirement.

Provide an analysis of the relationship between business needs and space planning

Through the works of its professionals in three groups: planning and programs group; office building projects group; and executive office services group, the Office Services Department has the mission of providing assistance to various departments within the company through the following activities: Review, selection and delivery of standard office furniture and carpet for users of all levels. Ensure that the circulation passageway through a room follows an easy and economic pathway from the door to all the other main activity areas. Relocations are expensive and time-consuming so an effective space plan will help your business save time and money. In planning of the workplace, the space planner determines the demand for common use spaces at the organization, converts that demand into a list of shared spaces and defines user requirements for them Brauer, When this happens the designer has to take into account several factors [18] including:. These are questions you must think about well in advance. Office buildings and spaces within do not only facilitate accomplishment of work tasks, they have the potential to improve it by contributing towards the provision of the optimum working and business environment Atkin and Brooks, For example, in an open plan living area, you might have 3 or more bubbles, 1 showing the kitchen, the other showing the dining area and another showing the living area. Inventory, utilization, and planning are all factors when reflecting on the status of the buildings and the use of the space that is currently available.

Direct Connection to Real Estate and Space Inventories: Space scenarios can be automatically generated from part or all of the existing inventory database with no manual entry of any date and from all or part of the space inventory. This intelligent use of space meant they were able to earn revenue from their extra space with the possibility of expanding into the hireable space.

Space Management and Planning is just one facet of what our software can do.

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Pilot-testing of the questionnaire survey The developed questionnaire survey was pilot-tested through consultation with two of the respondents.

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What to Consider When Doing Office Space Planning