Reflective practice

Case in point, is the influx of mobile devices to the market e. To some degree this is true. But often we are surprised by the diversity of meanings people read into our words and actions. Through questioning and changing the way you deliver your lessons, you will find new solutions and become more flexible with your teaching.

Emotions can feature strongly in people's reflections - especially in organisations which suffer from 'blame culture' - i.

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Developing skills and knowledge for teaching is lifelong. The business world has used this wider knowledge to understand how to minimize errors in recruitment and team working, and to improve team effectiveness for improved productivity and growth.

Boud, D. This model is based on a six-stage approach, leading from a description of the experience through to conclusions and considerations for future events.

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This requires individuals who are prepared to take risks, be innovative, and to work collaboratively with others to share their ideas and knowledge. Developing skills and knowledge for teaching is lifelong. Reflection about practice is a part of it, but unless the process of reflection leads to learning and changes in your practice it is debatable whether reflective practice has occurred. It is also important to consider areas needed for development and things that did not work out as initially planned. Reflection should trigger discussion and co-operation. However, in New Zealand no such standards exist and by gaining a tertiary teaching qualification, teachers are on the right path since specific criteria must be met in the graduate profile. Critical thinking is more often aligned with logical reasoning and enquiry.

Therefore, when reflecting on your experiences through discussing them with a colleague it is a good idea to record the outcomes, preferably in writing. So what is meant by professional learning and effective reflection? By getting involved in the reflective process, you will create an environment of partnership-working as you question and adapt both your own practice and that of your students and other colleagues.

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Reflective practice