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A qualitative research approach can be used to develop the understanding required for evaluating if a variable is relevant or not to a given problem situation.

While selecting the research approach aim and research problem should be taken into consideration. The qualitative approach is informed by inductive logic, in which potential understandings of a phenomenon are derived from the data.

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However, there should be some consistency between methods, methodology and analysis. Hypotheses in qualitative research often point to the role of contextual factors that influence the phenomenon of interest, seeking to distinguish why and how individuals with varying experiences understand the phenomenon differently.

Particularities of the chosen research process are discussed in more detail in chapter 10 when evaluating both the outcome and the conduct of the research project.

At that point in time, the research focus was on modeling as a way to support human sense-making and communication.

Alternative A: Logical, theoretical research By a logical theoretical research approach is meant formal deduction of logical consequences from a set of initial assumptions axioms.

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This mode of research may be appropriate for formal sciences as exemplified by mathematics and parts of computer science. Studies of four real world projects employing enterprise modeling as a means to develop understanding of the enterprise.

As such, hypotheses are formed following the collection and initial analysis of the data, at which point additional data are often collected to assess the hypotheses in an iterative process.

Research guidelines The following guidelines apply to this specific research project: Loose research design: The researcher is assumed to approach the empirical studies with few expectations about what to find.

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One perspective on quantitative research is as counting. Descriptive statistics helps to draw inferences about populations and to estimate the parameters Trochim Introduction to Validity. Well-designed qualitative research is highly systematic, however, requiring that researchers carefully record both their observations and their experiences in collecting the data. However, it places less emphasis on the analytical techniques to interpretation of data. The grounded theory approach, being the prime example of a theory building approach, is a relatively well defined and comprehensive research method that seeks to develop conceptually rich theories grounded in observations from empirical studies. The figure is idealized in the sense that iterations and alternation between activities are not accounted for. The principal problems of this approach would be to trace hopefully successful outcomes back to the use of the method and to know what would be the situation without the method as there is no control project. Correlation between variables are estimated using statistical devices. However, the fundamental views on human inquiry and science underlying them differ in many respects and extensive combination is not common. Researchers can also take the role of participant observers, becoming actively involved in the setting they are observing and carefully recording both their observations and their own actions and interpretations of the setting.
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