Research proposal on telecommunication sector of bangladesh

Significance of the research: This research will unveil the notion of mobile users about the Over-the-top applications and this will definitely help the telecom marketers and government to think whether to take any specific actions to lessen the influence of these apps so that the telecom sector can survive profitably in Bangladeshi market.

literature review on customer satisfaction in telecom sector

Instead of using the conventional modes of communication SMS and conventional mobile phone calls people have switched to internet communication tools like Whatsapp internet aided text service and Viber internet aided text and voice call service.

Threat: Only time sense.

Research proposal on telecommunication sector of bangladesh

What the mobile users of Bangladesh actually think or feel about the emergence of these over the top apps and why are these as becoming popular day by day? According to GP the new logo symbolizes trust, reliability, quality and constant progress.

customer satisfaction towards telecommunication

Bangladesh is a country which is densely populated and also is a flat and easily extends able coverage. A similar study has been conduction by Md. Products Offered Prepaid Packages banglalink currently offers two prepaid plans.

Number two in the market is Robil Telekom Malaysia with just over 2 million customers.

Research proposal on customer satisfaction in telecommunication

Introduction: My study deals with identifying the level of customer satisfaction of mobile operators in Bangladesh. In this situation mobile telecom has become a popular and easy communication system to the mass people. It looks into how much a customer can pay for their desire service based on their satisfaction level. The mobile telecom sectors are growing rapidly and the contribution of this sector to economic development is very significant. However this study has been designed to find out the customer satisfaction level of different mobile operator in Bangladesh. Till now banglalink has invested 6, cores BDT. Methodology: Secondary Data Source: Firstly we will collect some secondary information from various secondary sources like various articles, newspapers, magazines, journals, books and academic websites to find out relevant information and see what others have done and to find out what questions are yet not answered. Bangladesh has a huge potential in WiMax and submarine cable which is a new technology in the country and has attracted the foreign telecom operators. The entry of new operators into the market has certainly helped to further boost the competitive environment. By studying this term paper any one have the clear idea about different product of different companies that are currently available in this market. So this opportunity is attracting the foreign giants to enter into this market; as a result the competition is getting higher day by day. How many number act of taking care of the has been selected as a customer's needs by FNF Number providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance 4. Primary Data Source: Primary data must be collected. The questionnaire prepared to collect data included some MCQ based demographic questions followed by research topic.

Omar Faruk Sarker, Taposh Kumar Neogy and Farzana Akhter November the research study discloses the customer satisfaction regarding the different services of the mobile telecom operator companies in Bangladesh.

Customer satisfaction is closely related with fair pricing on product or a service that leads to customer loyalty towards organization.

A study on customer satisfaction in mobile telecommunications pdf

Voice call quality connect from caller Def: The quality of the number to receiver sound during the time of dialed number income and outgoing call 3. Usage of internet before, during, and after the data customer's requirements are met 5. The paper also identify the other independent variable such as Network quality. According to a executive of GP their- Strength: Call rate superiority at present situation. Many Cell phone operators or mobile operators are playing an essential role in fulfilling the needs of the customers. Grameen Phone is the market leader with 4. It has started operations on March 26, People are also concerned about network availability. After stratifying we select the respondent randomly. Feelings about the seen by the users of the operator network. This evaluation comes from the comparison of expected services with the services actually received by the customer. Consumer demand in Bangladesh makes the mobile market one of the fastest growing markets in the world. In this present study the selected respondents were directly involved to give their opinions regarding the different services of mobile telecom companies and it is evident that the most of the respondents have given opinions about moderately satisfaction regarding the different services. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Orascom Telecom. Primary research question: Our primary research questions are 1.
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