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Large portions of time that we would normally devote to acts of chessed and to learning sometimes go toward pursuing our professional pursuits. I used to not fly at all because I was scared of flying. We used to be even more informal, but after my wife passed away we brought someone in to run things and he instituted more of a corporate structure. Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz: A different type of philanthropist The breadth of his philanthropy and the diversity of those he helps are astounding. At age 27, Rechnitz founded his business, TwinMed, with his twin brother Steve, and together they have revolutionized the healthcare industry. When I found out that he was getting married I made sure to stop by his wedding. As somebody who draws inspiration and closeness to Judaism from music, there have always been a few artists who have helped me to feel closer to God. Duvi Blonder is CEO of the company, and he does most of the traveling. Do you ever refuse to do business with a company because they were ordering too much? Yisroel Zev, however, has a more lighthearted explanation. It really was both of us, and it represented the culmination of a long, thought-out process. I was in Eretz Yisrael last year and my son wanted a falafel without techina. All I will say is that Shlomo Yehuda and I are partners.

He was supposed to travel back and forth to Virginia a lot, but that plan ended rather quickly. Using his musical talent, he responds to tragedy strongly and powerfully through song.

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Some people are simply incurious. I have my own theories. Yisroel Zev Rechnitz is certainly a role model for such benevolence. Nonetheless, she decided to drop it all and direct her entire focus to helping others. And Rechnitz is not in it for the recognition; he chooses to donate his time and money discreetly. Telz is certainly more important for you and me. I deal more with individuals needing assistance, which is somewhat easier than interacting with institutions. Who attends these classes? The professor was laughing when he said this, unwilling to admit or even consider that the two were related.

Nonetheless, she decided to drop it all and direct her entire focus to helping others. But these things are nowhere near as rampant and widespread as the media would have you believe. Telz is certainly more important for you and me.

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How he manages to keep such a low profile intrigues me. I have my own theories.

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I used to not fly at all because I was scared of flying. The amazing thing was that she continued to cook for the Bikur Cholim on Thursday nights until the very end. Twenty years ago I produced an album called Nagilah that was sung by me and Moshe Mendlowitz, but nowadays all I do is dabble. To put it another way, unless you have three hands, you can only use two gloves. He is also extremely smart. I actually have a few songs scattered among different singers. For the last three weeks of her life she was fed intravenously, but she still insisted on sitting and cooking even though she had no energy left. Whatever the reason, TwinMed is one of the largest distributors of medical supplies in the United States today. No one wanted to fly anymore and there were very few people on the flights so I was okay. Under this system, it never paid for them to shop around for cheaper merchandise because they always added onto the price anyway. We were zocheh to have the rosh yeshivah at all our simchos, and unfortunately, we were destined to have him with us during the painful times as well. My wife was very distressed. My wife had been given a tachlis, and she was prepared to fight as long and as hard as she could to fulfill it. He has said in the past that he wants to motivate others in the community to follow his example of giving and caring. We manufacture and distribute medical supplies, as well as own nursing homes and other related businesses in the industry.

My ability to connect to so many of the songs on the album helped me strive to be a better Jew and a more adherent one.

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