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However he uses the play as a form of social commentary. Seduction leads to destruction as the governess is infatuated with the uncle. In fact, the idea of social classes has been around before what we know it as to today.

Through research done by Lareau, results show that middle class families structure the lives of their children much differently than those of the poor or working class families In the film, the people saw class as the defining factor of a person.

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We admire fancy items and often judge other individuals by the clothes they wear, the car they drive, and the schools that they attend. When situations are different around you, you write in various ways, expressing different perspectives In this sense the status separates one class from the other. There are a few reasons why I put my family in this class. America is known as the land full of opportunities which is why many individuals migrate here hoping to achieve the American dream London: HarperCollins. Inequality is linked to higher education, which makes it important to invest in the people and their education. Indeed, when reading Oliver twist by Charles Dickens, the reader will find a description of the different classes that composed the Victorian society and how they interact with each other; each character has been assigned a social and political status and acts accordingly, and the way Dickens portrays them has an impact on our idea of social class, indeed, the read Rome was an empire that was built upon its social classes with clearly defined roles that allowed for limited social mobility. In America there is 3 social classes.

But the primary determinant of status is unquestionably economic. Education influences issues of wealth and power in a complex manner, in which our position in a chain of social class often outlines our opportunities for schooling, its importance, and potential for getting us to our goals for personal and professional success.

It has been suggested that social inequality is a feature of all human societies Haralambos and Holbornp.

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