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Her clothing style generated interest with the creation of "Barbara Blue" by the Color Association of the U. She also emphasized that her influence as a "white-haired white lady" was limited within minority communities and that the primary role she could play was to speak out on prejudice. She also gave particular attention to traditionally black colleges, having once served on the board of Morehouse College, a medical school largely attended by African-Americans. He was shot down on September 2, , and for more than a month she did not hear from him. Bush completed pilot training by , becoming the youngest pilot then in the navy. Decisions are not irrevocable. At that time, the number of threats to the first lady was higher than that of the vice president. She turned out to be right. She did go on record as stating that she did not believe there should be a law that established English as the official language of the United States because she felt it had "racial overtones. When he returned on leave, she had discontinued her studies at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts ; [4] two weeks later, on January 6, , they were married at the First Presbyterian Church in Rye, New York, [4] with the reception being held at The Apawamis Club.

The former First Lady remains devoted to the Barbara Bush Family Literacy Foundation, which continues to grant awards to community literacy programs more than two decades after its founding.

In the fall of and again in the spring ofMrs. She refused to call herself a feminist. When Wellesley announced that Barbara Bush would be the commencement speaker, Reid and a friend, Susana Rosario Cardenas, got on the phone that night to talk.

She delivered her speech as planned, and received support from prominent feminists, who saw the issue as one of respect for the different paths open to women.

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Nevertheless, even her role as mother would have later public impact. If she spurred him to support some legislation, Barbara Bush was not known to have lobbied the President to initiate any specific legislation. InBarbara Bush predicted that her successor Hillary Clinton would not be elected in her race for the U.

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