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Note: We recommend that the employer evaluate the work-term report using the same guidelines and evaluation form presented in this document.

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If you want to limit your searchable set to all the unique documents, you have to edit the searchable set, and check the Deduplicate box underneath the query builder. However, for a Type 2 confidential report, the employer determines the language.

If your report is confidential, your employer must evaluate the report and submit a signed evaluation form by the work-term report submission deadline.

Biochemistry work term report guidelines

The author of the best work-term report for each class on campus is presented with an award during that term. After selecting "include family members in count" at the top of the table, Everlaw will identify any and all emails and attachments that have been returned by the searches in your search term report, and add their family members to the result set. Then, you can start breaking down each section into smaller subsections, which will serve as individual paragraphs. Timeline Writing and submitting the work-term report is best done over the course of several months. This is the easiest way to access results from your search term report. Download There are two options for downloading information contained in a search term report. You can import either content or metadata in one single import. Use figures, graphs or tables for clarity and to shorten your text. Search term report graph A visualization of the total number of results relative to the total number of documents in the searchable set is provided in the upper left of the search term report page. If you want to sort your table, click any of the headers: Search, Documents with hits, or Documents exclusive to term. The Daily auto-refresh toggle will allow you to automatically refresh the search term report each day. The concepts, terms and principles used in the report must be used precisely. If your report is confidential, your employer must evaluate the report and submit a signed evaluation form by the work-term report submission deadline. However, since servers go down and e-mail gets dropped, this is the secondary notice mechanism. If you have "view" permissions on a report, you can only see the results of the shared search term report.

Describe your work environment so the reader understands the context of your work term. Documents with hits: This is the number of documents that are returned by a given search.

Term report format

Work-term report In consultation with your CO-OP academic coordinator, you can choose one of the following types of report. The assignment provides you with the opportunity to report on your experience with your CO-OP employer and on how the experience related to your learning. Use the literature from your academic program as material. The bar in the middle displays the percentage of total documents in your project that are part of your searchable set. If you are required by your employer to complete a Type 2 confidential report then: Your employer has to mention this requirement during the site visit by the CO-OP staff. Evaluation The work-term report will be evaluated using five criteria. If your report is judged unsatisfactory fail , you may be given a one-time opportunity to submit a revised version within a prescribed period of time. If this is not possible, you must seek permission from your CO-OP academic coordinator at least six weeks before the CO-OP report submission deadline, and your employer must mention the need for a confidential report to the CO-OP program coordinator conducting the work-term site visit. Describe your academic field so the reader understands the context of your learning. The Daily auto-refresh toggle will allow you to automatically refresh the search term report each day. To edit the searchable set, click the blue Edit button in the searchable set box. Avoid listing research and researchers. Coherence The report is highly organized. This requires the student's University of Waterloo User ID and a password which is the student's Waterloo Student ID Number the password has not already changed; it is highly recommended that all students change their default password when the log in for the first time.

If you click the "metadata" button you'll be given access to a mini query builder with metadata, content, and logical operator search terms that you can use to create your search.

Begin with what interests you Aleksandra Lazarevic, who has won two work-term report awards, recommends starting with a topic that interests you and looking for connections.

Term report

Note that depending on how many searches you are adding at a time, and the complexity of those searches, it might take anywhere from a couple seconds to a couple minutes for your search term report to update.

This means if you have multiple metadata types to search for, you should run them as separate imports. Selecting Your Info will supply the status on the student's reports. This hit count could also include documents that include the other hits in the table.

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Using search term reports, you can explore the documents in your project during early case assessment.

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